Faces: Dancer Audrius Biskis aka Shinta Irukandji

When did you start dancing? What moment was your introduction to the world of dance?
It was always around me but as an activity that I love it got into Me twice.Once unconsciously at childhood and second time at the age of 16, when My body was already ruined by my laziness. But that time I said “Yep this is what I want to do for living”. I was at form 11, teachers looked at me like ” You must grow up and realize that You need to take exams and get serious… “. One teacher even told “he will never be a dancer”, cause I actually had no cordination, little balance, no musicality or a nice body. All that was a huge work ahead. I did not even realized about it just because I was enjoying the process so much.
What is dance for you: a way to express yourself, a hobby, a feeling, maybe a colour or a combination of things?
Dance is everything and I by that I mean that it’s an action through which I learn and evolve. I have a good imagination so for me my dance is like a dot from, which goes around in 360 degrees, like everything else that is in my life. I bring things out of dance into my life and the opposite: I bring ideas out of life around Me into My dance.
What is your favourite dance style? 

Definitely Hip Hop but since now it’s mixed up with many other styles I can’t assure You that My Hip Hop mindset is the same as other Hip Hop dancers. I do not even care about it when it comes to Me and only Me.I care only when I teach. I tend to transfer only basic and authentic info with the least influence of my dance and most influence of my personality and character ( I think this is my best side).

When was the first time when you tried to dance solo? Do you prefer dancing alone or with the team?
I’m always solo. I prefer being alone and so it is with dance. But, You know, when You are alone for most of the time in this World, You find out a lot that You want to share. That is when You come up to the point when You prefer team over being alone.This happened this summer when I realized that I can not take my journey on my own anymore and I need to put most into team.Everything that I saved inside me for myself must be given away just to each specific team member.
When You collect so much as I did And become full You, You realize that it’s time to become empty again and give it away.


For some people it is hard to even speak without having their words prepared in the head and being alone on the stage sounds like a nightmare. How is it for you? How does it feel, to be alone on a stage? Are you still scared before the performance?

I’m always ready.  No matter how hard I work, I always feel that something is missing and that is essence of life and expansion.

Sometimes it has to be a nightmare, sometimes a romance, a comedy…it’s up to the audiece and what they want to see. I just come up to the stage and reflect them the emotions, not me. I have no more aim to express myself cause I’m pretty sure no one really cares about me, all they want to know is knowing  more about themselves.  That is why I go to perform on the stage.

Or just to have fun.If people around Me have fears I will show them that. If they have love I will show them love. I will reflect any emotion.

How to cope with the fear before going on the stage?

There is no fear inside of me, only fears outside of me. It may sound crazy but as an artist I can be crazy. If You are able to focus and take control not only of Your body but of Your mind as well,  nohing will bother You. I am not saying that anything scary or wrong can’t happen. It can. But if it’s gonna happen there is nothing I can do about it and You need to stay focused.

What was the most awkward/funny/scary moment before going to perform/ while performing?

During performance I fell down straight on my ass and it looked like I just sat down.
Another one was jumping of the stage during competition and falling down on my face, which, surprisingly, did not hurt but looked really painful.
Third was my showcase in Estonia when I flirted with one of  the female judges during performance and in the end I made her blush, even turn red. She was laughing because my showcase was about sleepin over and leaving my money at her house.

What keeps you motivated even when you don’t have energy?

When I do not have energy I rest, when I have energy I dance.
Every dance reminds me of a different story that is written. However, when you improvise it is different. Is it harder to think about a story that you want to show on the spot?
There is no need to create a story everytime. Sometimes it can be just a feeling or certain vibration or an emotion creation.
However, when it’s a showcase there must be a story, when it’s improvisation there must music that vibrates trought air to your body. For me improvisation is like this: no story, most of time just soundwaves.


Where do you get inspiration from?

Anime, Marvel, afro culture, lately a lot of eastern dance culture is around me.

Your dancing career is marked by medals of the first place as you have participated in many competitions. What was the most memorable one? Where do you plan to participate in the near future?
There is some  winnings. I do not count them but I promise that this month I will get 2 more! Every winning is pleasant but just for a very little period of time. And that is good cause otherwise I would have mental illness like some dancers who live by their past winnings.If I would win today, tomorrow I would be same guy I was before winning.I do not count, I do not remember, I do not care. That job is made by my mom. She shows all the medals and cups to relatives, friends and so on .
What advice could you give to the readers who would like to try dancing but are afraid of dancing in front of others?
Just do it for Yourself, when You will feel ready ,You will go and dance for others.

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