Faces: Fashion designer Jakub Nowacki


I remember when I was a kid. I used to make clothes for my dolls even from the old jeans or tissues. Hoverer, I grew out of that. When did you feel that fashion is your world? Were you little or the realisation came later, maybe during your teenage years?

I think the realisation firstly came when I moved to England when I was 11. I mean it was crazy I didn’t know anyone and I didn’t know the language. I started drawing and designing, but then I learnt the language and made friends and didn’t really have time to do that anymore. It was when I was 16 I was confronted by my parents about going to art college with no previous art background. I didn’t really care, I just wanted to do my thing I guess. That’s when I really realised that that’s what I really want to do for the rest of my life.

Where do you get inspiration from?

Church and porn.

Where do you look for models? Do you ever model yourself? Do you feel good in front of the camera?

I drape on myself a lot in the first stage of my design process, however I like my work to be shot on someone who I believe this garment is made for and fits beautifully. But I do love being in front of the camera.

Try to describe the process of making a piece of clothing: Do you have to draw your ideas? Do you imagine materials and fabrics in your head already?

I definitely like to dig a bit deeper than drawing and fabric choices first. I like to start with a concept or an idea that could evolve into something interesting. I like collecting imagery and draping all kinds of stuff related to my concept on my self to see how I could show my idea through the silhouette. Then I’ll collage and draw stuff out, But I hate designing, I like to touch things and stick them on myself to see if the image is right.

Where do you look for fabrics and other materials? Do you buy them only?

It depends, I used to drape a lot with things that my mum would want to throw away or I found on the street somewhere. I find fabric shopping really stressful, I actually hate it.

What is the most enjoyable part in making clothes: Drawing, sewing, presenting the collection?

To me it really is the final image.

What is your favourite piece of clothing or accessories?

I love shoes.

What is your favourite fabric and colour?

My favourite fabric is probably a duvet and my favourite colour is red.

What is the idea behind your latest project?

My last project was based on a muse, one of my best friends at uni Molly.

Who is your ultimate fashion icon?

Rick Owens.

Have you ever been judged because of you look, your clothes? What advice would you give to the readers who have their unique style but are afraid of bullies? 

Of course, I mean if you don’t get judged you’re doing something wrong. Fuck bullies, I honestly don’t even pay attention to that kind of behaviour, or just beat them up.

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