Faces: photographer Evelina Viselgaite


What dragged you into the world of photography? When was the moment when you actually realized that this is your thing, your path?

I would say my main influence was and still is my dad, as he was the one who taught me many things about cameras and photography itself. I think when I was really focused on getting into it, reading about it, trying new techniques I really enjoyed it and I knew I wanted to do something I enjoy.

Where do you get inspiration from? People, places, music, other artists?

Absolutely everything.

Do you prefer digital or film photography? What is your favourite camera?

I am currently in love with film photography, mostly because you really do create a photograph from scratch, which is fascinating. Film photography has a whole new different feeling, you never know how your photographs will turn out which makes you think and carefully consider every single shot. I don’t really have a favourite camera, I’m one of those people who believe that it’s the person behind the camera that really matters rather than the actual camera.

What is the most interesting part in the whole process of taking photos? Preparing for the photoshoot, looking for locations, taking photos, editing or something else?

Since I am shooting on film the most interesting part for me is photographing and then getting my film developed and hand printing/scanning work, then I can really see how it turned out which is always exciting.

Where do you look for models?

Social media (facebook, instagram etc.)

Your “craziest” photoshoot?

I would not consider any of my work “crazy”, however photographing naked bodies of girls was perhaps one of the most difficult shoots I have done.

What is the idea behind your latest project?

It is a documentary of my everyday life from a Lithuanian’s perspective which explores the fears that I have for the future of my country. It’s in dialog of my dad’s work which was made in the time of celebration when Lithuania was becoming independent from USSR. The concerns that I have is losing the freedom that we have regained only 27 years ago. I feel like people don’t appreciate freedom anymore and take democracy for granted, with this work I want people to understand that we shouldn’t be doing that.

Nowadays almost everyone has a camera and the internet access. Do you think that social media changed the industry (Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest etc.)? Is it harder to get into photography because of that?

I think media has created a platform for sharing work as well as free access to it to everyone, which is great, as many people are able to see your work. I think it made it even easier to get into photography and get noticed as you can see all kind of work and get inspired, however there are a lot more photographers in the industry therefore it is hard to pursue a photographers career.

Whose works are a huge influence to you?

I really like Martin Parr. I have been to one of his talks at University and I absolutely loved it, he is such a simple person yet his photographs are really interesting.

Writers get writer’s block (an inability to produce a new work, a lack of ideas).Do photographers have photographer’s block?

Definitely, if you’re doing a project for a long period time you get stuck, therefore it is good to mix things up and do something different for a while, that way you take a break from over thinking a situation you’re stuck in and get new ideas.

As we are taking photos every day of everything, do you think that it is important to save visual memories? What advice would you give to the readers?

I think it is important to save visual memories as long as you’re enjoying these moments rather than photographing for the sake of photographing. I think it is important to not get soaked into the process itself and enjoy the memories first.

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