Audio assessment 1 AS I STARE INTO NOTHING


For centuries fashion has been an art form, a way to express yourself or a way to prove that it’s something more than just a trend. Fashion lets us to explore with colours, materials, fabrics and the wildest ideas. It shows the world in a different way and that beauty is in diversity.

Today we gathered with young and aspiring londoners at the Stoke Newington gallery to see Adam Frost debut fashion show called ‘As I Stare Into Nothing’. In a collaboration with Leo Carlton Adam Frost presents a genderless collection that reminds  us of a trippy journey of Alice in the Wonderland.


Artsy environment, glittery paintings on the walls, loud electronic music waves and more than a hundred fashionistas let us go to the deeper search of the true meaning of fashion.

Designers, models, photographers and art students share their thoughts of what is fashion for them.





(Photo credits David Julian Quin)



According to The Times of India , the history of fashion shows remains vague. In the 1800s, ‘fashion parades’ periodically took place in Paris couture salons. American retailers imported the concept of the fashion show in the early 1900s. The first American fashion show is likely to have taken place in 1903 in the New York City store Ehrlich Brother.

Women and men fashion has been changing and evolving differently, however, it started to mash up when women started wearing pants (boyfriend jeans, suits and etc.) and men started to wear purses or even high heels (even though that high heels were originally invented not only for women). Pink is no longer only for girls, while baby blue is no longer only for boys. Fashion does not define your gender, race or sexual orientation. Fashion nowadays is about sending the message and showing that our world is even more colourful than we think. Fashion today is freedom to be whoever you want to be and be proud of that.




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