Professional Development Plan. Part 3. Serious Plans

Serious dreams require serious planning step-by-step to achieve them. First of all, I have to expand my knowledge and evolve my skills. By that I mean that during my time in university I have to improve my writing and even develop my own style. Moreover, I have to learn photo/video/audio editing skills, basis of writing different kind of publications, improve my grammar (as I am not a native English speaker) and even increase my charisma or communication skill. Also, as my personal tutor said that we have to consume media every day, even by reading as many books as we can, travelling or going to exhibitions and concerts and simply talking with people, listening to them and turning their stories alive.

In my opinion, it is hard to decide options for next year, however, I am sure that I would like to try fashion journalism, magazines editing or every module that would include mixed media. Of course, university and lecturers only show a path for us, that is why I, as a journalism student, must have my own media diet. And even though that I don’t like some spices in that diet, I still have to know what is going in the world, in my country, or in the area where I live. And so, I have to check news, breaking events, politics and other content, which would be helpful for my future career.

The university’s Work Placement team publishes a list of current placements in journalism and the media on the Engage platform. I have checked the list and found some amazing offers for internships or even work placements. For example, editorial work experience in Grazia Magazine or even an internship programme in CNN. However, somewhere, at the back of my mind, I always had work placements where I would like to work or at least do an internship and see the world there from the inside, even though, that these places would be just a start of my future career:

  1. i-D Magazine and/or online platform. “i-D features people in fashion, music, art, clubs, film and every other creative field. “ It is the platform that lets journalists use their imagination and show all the colours, the view of the world. i-D Youtube channel offers a wide selection of amazing projects. For example, “i-cons”, “Gurls Talk” or “Beyond Beauty”. i-D openly talks about real world, real people, their problems and joys: from feminism to self-loving, mental problems and beautiful things like music or fashion. Moreover, i-D gives lots of opportunities to meet the most inspiring and interesting people in this planet. i-D offers plenty of work placements for creative people and if you really have a great idea, it is possible to contact and collaborate with them.

2. Nanook. They discribe themselves as this: “We are enthusiastic storytellers who seek, react, travel, experience and share. We produce professional multimedia documentary content and creative projects. Story angle, empathy, narrative form, work ethics, originality and exclusivity are our vital traits. We seek to inspire, challenge the mindset and encourage taking action.We work with personal projects and are available for assignments.” Nanook is a group of a few professionals, most of them are multimedia journalists. Moreover, they offer internships. People can simply contact with Nanook via email.

3. Vice online platform. To my mind, Vice is one of the most interesting and successful projects. Almost every young (and not just young) person that I know reads or watches Vice publications. Vice covers so many different topics that it makes it even more fascinating. I love that Vice dominates online platforms, staring from the website, social media and finishing with Youtube channel. What is more, Vice actually owns several media sources. For example, Thump– the electronic music and culture channel. Honestly, I would love to work for both as electronic music is my passion as well as writing.

  • Vice offers a wide selection of jobs on thei wesibe. Moreover, they offer internships. Mostly they require CV, a cover letter and samples of writing to send to  . Contacts

4. Another place, where I can clearly see myself, is Dazed online platform and/or magazine. “In 1991, Jefferson Hack and Rankin launched Dazed & Confused as an alternative style and culture magazine. The title became a lightning rod for cultural provocation and the magazine became a movement. Dazed is the most influential independent fashion and culture title in the world.“ To my mind, these words speak for themselves. I don’t need to add anything else.

My list of inspiring journalists/bloggers:

  1. @amyvirshup
  2. @OwenJones84
  3. @MichelleLhooq
  4. @charlesarthur
  5. @karolisvy
  6. @jeremyscahill
  7. @BertaTil
  8. @humansofny
  9. @Peston
  10. @emmahopeall
  11. @uzkalnis
  12. @DaisyAECW
  13. @oliviab33
  14. @HannaHanra
  15. @katewills
  16. @emilynussbaum
  17. @JamesSurowiecki
  18. @HCheadle
  19. @MikeLeePearl
  20. @mthomps

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