Professional Development Plan. Part 2. Future Dreams

Sometimes journalism could be a dangerous profession, as journalists are usually the first people to expose and reveal information about the latest events, wars, politics. They become a target just because they are trying to present accurate and uncovered information to the whole world. Some people are so devoted to their work and dig for information so good that some influential forces don’t like it and try to make journalist’s voices silent. Even though that I respect those people and their work, I am quite sure that I don’t want to work in a newsroom or be a journalist closely involved into politics. That is why it is important to understand what kind of journalist do I want to become, what kind of media attracts me and what else do I need to learn.

As I mentioned in my previous post I am more interested in creating or being a part of a new kind of journalism instead of following the traditional path. I have tried to answer what type of journalist I want to be by analysing more than 20 questions about this profession but I believe that it is not worth to post all of them. Instead I will share the result.

I want to learn how to write about lots of different topics. Also, I am interested in service journalism and entertainment sphere as I believe that I am better digging and finding stories instead of exposing serious facts. Also, I enjoy to interview people or review events, places, films and etc. I want to be able to share my opinion with the world and listen to others. I like coming up with new ideas that is why sometimes it is hard for me to follow the rules, even though that I understand that every journalist has to learn basics of journalism.

My dream would be to develop my own style of writing and to find new ways to use media as a tool to transfer information. I started to take photos with 35mm film camera and in the future I am going to write stories for those photos, maybe even post them on my blog. Moreover, I have a lot of projects in my head and somehow life leads and introduces me to people, who could help to develop those ideas. Even know I know young and aspiring people from fashion, photography, arts, music or travelling worlds, whom I could collaborate with. I need people, who can inspire and push me to do something new, something daring. I would like to work in an office for some time, develop skills, get experience, connections and then, finally, to become a freelancer. However, dreams can change with every new thing and skill that we learn.

According to Matt Thompson and his theory about journalists, I am the Storyteller right now. “Storytellers render dull material vivid, making broccoli taste like s’mores. In the hands of this journalist, even a mundane City Council meeting becomes a font of whimsy and intrigue. “Thompson adds that most of journalists fall into this type. Nonetheless, it is possible that in the future, as I am going to develop journalistic skills, I am going to become not only Storyteller but, for example, the Provocateur as well.


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