Professional Development Plan. Part 1. Inspiration

Two years ago, when writing a dissertation for my arts exam, I wrote: “I don’t know who I am, although I know that I am myself and I’m trying to be as good as I can. I can transform my look, try different things, learn and change with every day and every second. The journey of “finding myself” is going to be amazing and memorizing. At the same time I am different and I am the same as everyone else, I am me and this is just the beginning.”

Today I can say the same thing, even though that the topic is slightly different. And even though that I have already started my higher education path, I still know just a little bit. I have chosen journalism because it is a wide sphere. I still don’t know where this path is going to lead me, however, I care about my future and that is why I will try to create my career plan as well as make some predictions by analysing media sources that I use, also, journalist, whose works I adore.

To begin with, it is important to understand that even trying to imagine yourself in a specific field, area or place is a big step to making these dreams come true. Nonetheless, it is difficult to do so as I have not tried everything that the course in my university is offering. One thing that I know for sure is that I am millennial person and I want to become a modern journalist, who is going to develop a lot various useful skills and maybe even create a new kind of journalism instead of following the traditional path.

People, who are so talented in a several various spheres, always fascinated me. Maybe that is why journalists, who do a lot of projects, are so interesting to me, not even as professionals but as simple human beings as well.  One of those people is Berta Tilmantaite. She is a photo journalist from Lithuania. The stunning thing for me is that her work is a combination of her passions- photography, video and writing. B. Tilmantaite studied journalism in Lithuania, afterwards photo-journalism in Denmark, got her Master’s degree in China and she even worked as a lecturer in Vilnius University. Berta collaborated with two other people and wrote a book about their never ending journeys in Asia. Moreover, her works were published in National Geographic magazine. All of her works are amazing to me. Berta is the absolute authority for me as I love both, her texts and visual projects. One of my favourite is a video from Nepal. It is good because of the captured video moments and adjusted words. In one of the interviews Berta said that you don’t have to travel to another country to find a good story. You just need to be open-minded and try to notice details.

Two other people, whom works I adore are Martynas Starkus and Vytaras Radzevicius. They are also from Lithuania, although they work, live and travel almost everywhere in the world. These two men are a strong journalistic team, they both travel together, experience and explore new places and new cultures and have their own TV show, which is mainly footage of their journeys. What is more, they both write books and even when they are not travelling they host famous TV programs, for example the X Factor. In my opinion their best work is the TV show, which is like a video diary. The amazing thing is that it is also a documentary but it is made with humour, not only plane facts. That is why there a lot of people who watch and adore them as it is like watching a story of two best friends. I think that it is a true talent to make reader or viewer feel a connection with the journalist or, for example, find themselves in one of their works.

One of the most influential young people on the internet is Brandon Stanton. He is a great example of a millennial journalist as he is a photographer and blogger. The most famous and profitable Brandon’s work/project is Humans of New York. Brandon takes photos and interviews of people that he finds interesting. Every story is unique and real. He inspired so many people that they followed his idea and created such projects from as Humans of Amsterdam or Humans of London to Humans of Tinder.  Running a blog was not enough and Brandon Stanton published his book. I adore him because he has something that makes people to open their hearts and share their stories with the whole world.

The last but not the least is Amy Virshup. In her Twitter page she describes herself like this: “Deputy metro editor running education, health and immigration coverage for the New York Times. Big fan of the Metropolitan section.” Amy Virshup is an experienced journalist, however, the thing that I like about her the most is how simple, colourful, vivid and touching her writing style is. As an example I took one text, which is a simple, yet really persuading and involving story. It is a skill that I would like to develop.

All of these people work in a different, modern journalism platforms. They link, connect, mix and experiment with media content. To my mind, that is the greatest thing because you can push your limits, use different skills, your personal opinion and imagination.


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