Media Monitoring Week. Part two

Media Monitoring Week

Second day

Cyber robbery of Tesco Bank

On the 8th of November main media sources posted even more articles about the cyber Tesco Bank robbery.

The Independent: The Independent tracked the story and posted three new articles. The Independent provides information from Tesco Bank chief executive Benny Higgins, who claims that customers are going to get back their money. Also, that not 20,000, but 40,000 customers saw suspicions transactions on their savings accounts over the weekend.  In another article The Independent claimed that Tesco Bank revised the number of affected accounts down to 9,000 on Tuesday. What is more, The National Crime agency (NCA) is now leading the investigation into the case.

Also, The Independent posted an article of how to save your account, although the original source of the article is Money.

The Guardian: The Guardian followed the story as well as it posted several articles the other day. The Guardian deeply investigates the story, interviews many people and provides even more information than on Monday. The Guardian wrote a number of theories that have circulated about the cause of the problem and quotes of professionals who told them.

“It looks like its [in] on-line banking, clearly appears to be on debit card side of online banking as far as we can tell. But it requires further urgent analysis ,” said Bailey.

The BBC: BBC posted a short article  of what more happened after the cyber attack. It posted almost the same information as other media sources, however, it said: “Tesco Bank has not outlined any more details about the method of attack, nor when debit card use will be fully functioning again. Despite a series of questions from BBC News on this, no more details are being offered at this stage.”

To my mind, that means that sometimes not even the best or most famous companies could get the information.

The Sun:The Sun posted only one article. However, probably, it was the most surprising one with the capturing headline: “SPOOKS TACKLE TESCO JOB GCHQ spies called in to probe the £17m Tesco bank fraud amid fears it was ordered by Russia”. The Sun posted quotes from Andrew Bailey, chief executive of the Financial Conduct Authority. Nonetheless, The Sun used click bait as nothing about Russia was told in the article.

(GCHQ-Government Communications Headquarters)

Fun fact: I found another interesting article from The Yorkshire Post, that wrote about Russia’s participation in the big cyber robbery.It was posted on Monday, the 7th of November. However, I think that is just a click bait as well as it was giving not correct information to the reader. The Yorkshire Post wrote the quote of Tory MP Chris Philp, who is a member of the Commons Treasury Committee. He said: “It looks to me like an organised hack by a very well equipped organisation. And I think we can’t rule out the possibility, at all, that this is state-sponsored. “We have seen, for example, Russia being extremely active in targeting Western institutions, hacking emails, leaking emails, attacking other institutions.” That is completely misunderstood information. I believe that journalists shouldn’t interpret the information that is given.


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