Media Monitoring Week. Part one

Media Monitoring Week

Introduction to the story

Cyber robbery of Tesco Bank

On the weekend (4-6th of November) Tesco Bank suffered from one of the largest cyber-thefts hacking attacks on one of United Kingdom’s banks.

Tesco Bank is a British retail bank which was formed in 1997, and which has been wholly owned by Tesco plc since 2008. In 2014, the bank had around 7 million customer accounts and policies.  According to The Guardian nowadays Tesco Bank has more than 7 million customers who use services ranging from credit cards to small loans and 137,000 current accounts.

On Monday, the 7th of November, Tesco Bank confirmed that about 20,000 customers were robbed during the weekend.  The very first criminal act was spotted on Sunday. Tesco Bank reacted to the attack. The bank has suspended online transactions for current account holders and started covering the losses as well.

On early Monday morning the story has already been covered by the biggest media sources in the UK:

The Independent: The Independent posted a news story of what has happened during the weekend. The Independent focused on Twitter accounts from Tesco Bank’s customers and the bank itself. Also, the story includes response from Tesco Bank chief executive.

The Guardian: The Guardian headline is similar to The Independent, as both new sources mention the same important information (both headlines include the number of customers who lost money). However, The Guardian gives more information. Also, it provides information which has deeper research, such as victims, Tesco Bank chief executive response. Moreover, there is comparison to another company, which suffered from hacking attack and even a survey for readers.

The BBC: BBC posted probably the highest amount of articles and news stories about Tesco Bank. The very first article was posted on the 6th of November (Sunday) and few more followed on Monday. First article includes two stories of customers who lost their money. Also, some quotes of other Tesco Bank customers who suffered and an interview from editor of the computer safety website Security Smart.

The Sun: The Sun posted an article of what to do if your account has been hacked. Also, it says that the number of customers, who suffered from the cyber-attack is less than 10,000(every other news source gives information that it’s 20,000). It includes the story of the same person who reached BBC but it’s shorter version of it. Furthermore, it includes a tweet from Tesco Bank Twitter account and some main advices.

Tesco Bank response on Twitter


Sky news posted a short (58s) interview of Tesco Bank chief executive commenting a situation.

BBC posted a video (2m 41s) of cybersecurity expert, who is explaining that this robbery is anything he has ever seen before. Also, he adds that this situation is embarrassing to Tesco.

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