My Media consumption over the last week

Magazines: Printed pages, Mix mag, COLLEZIONI Haute Couture, FOAM international photography magazine, Žmogaus kūnas magazine about medicine, Vogue, Dazed.

News: The Guardian, BBC.

Articles: ID, Vice,, Secret London, London Evening Standard.

Media from other sources: Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube,  Adverts on tube,  a book, Mahila’s personal blog, Felix Salmon’s blog, Saatchi gallery, Several private galleries, writing on my personal blog, reading for University’s lectures.


I spent most of my time on reading/watching things for my own curiosity (from a few minutes on tube out of boredom to two hours on reading a book or a magazine). Yet, I checked news as well, even though that it took me less time than consuming media just for fun. I consumed media as a user. However, I created some content myself, which is more similar to journalism. I wrote several posts on my personal blog, also posted some other things on my social media.

In conclusion, sometimes I am a user and sometimes I am a creator of the Media. I consume media every day, from the moment when I wake up to the moment when I go to sleep. It is an inseparable part of my daily life and it is only up to me, if I am going to be a creator or an user of it.

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