Do we know how to read? A review of Felix Salmon’s post “Teaching Journalist to read”

Media had changed during the past 20 years and is still changing every day.  Journalism, as a huge part of the media, is changing as well. Even though that it is becoming more controversial there are still some essential elements that we can not change. We can replace newspapers or magazines with the online platforms or simply replace the pen and paper with a smartphone but we can not eliminate writing and reading because it is no longer going to be journalism.

However, it seems that reading or writing is not that easy as you can think. A famous blogger Felix Salmon wrote an article which is called Teaching journalists to read. Salmon is trying to spread the idea that every journalist knows how to write but not everyone knows how to read and skim information properly. Huge amount of great material is published online every day with a help of social media tools (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more) but because of so many different media sources we have an information overload. That is why we need people who can find really good stuff quickly and share it with the world.

The biggest thing that is missing in journalism industry is a shortage of critical readers. And that means people who are good at digging and finding the material as well as reading in between the lines, linking, collecting the information and also writing original content.

In his article Felix Salmon wrote “reading is to writing as listening is to talking — and someone who talks without listening is both a boor and a bore“. I could not agree with this quote more. Nevertheless, reading and writing are the basic skills that you can develop during the time. Yet, to be a good journalist you need not only basic skills and great, original ideas. You also need some common sense, curiosity, interest in everything that is happening around you. A good journalist is like a good psychiatrist. You need to make people believe in you. Only then you can reveal and uncover real stories of real people in real world with your own inner voice.

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